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Can’t find RemoteWebDriver in WebDriverIO, now what?

Can’t find RemoteWebDriver in WebDriverIO, now what?

My transistion from Java to WebDriverIO has been a pretty fun journey with some (minor) speedbumps along the way. My own issue sometimes is letting go of the Java way and embrace the teachings WebDriverIO šŸ™‚

For example running tests with a SeleniumGrid. Bring on the RemoteWebDriver!

WebDriver driver = new RemoteWebDriver("",;

Searched the interwebs for WebDriverIO RemoteWebDriver but nothing turned up. My search turned up enough documentation regarding WebDriverIO and SeleniumGrid so the capability (yes, pun intended) was there.

Since I had to do some experimenting myself to get everything up and running I decided to share my findings for any other J-peeps making the transition from Java to WebDriverIO.

To the config!

exports.config = {
    // see:
    seleniumInstallArgs: { version: '3.4.0' },
    seleniumArgs: { version: '3.4.0' },

    specs: [
    // Patterns to exclude.
    exclude: [
        // 'path/to/excluded/files'
    host: "URL to your Selenium grid",
    port: "port to your Selenium grid",
    path: '/wd/hub',
    protocol: 'https',

The config file drives/starts the driver so it makes sence to specify a host and port here. The path and protocol complete the remote setup for running tests on a Selenium Grid. That’s it….

Embrace the way of the WebDriverIO, even when it’s hard to comprehend the simplicity for someone coming from WebDriver with Java.

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